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Downtown Tulsa

119 E 4th St
Tulsa, OK 74103
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Josh Kelley, PT, DPT
Clinic Manager

Josh is a Sooner graduate from the University of Oklahoma at Tulsa campus earning a Doctoral degree in physical therapy. He attended Northeastern State University for an undergraduate degree in chemistry before applying to physical therapy school. "My motivation to continually learn and hone my skills comes from a long line of people, one of which I owe for sparking my interest in this wonderful field. I was turned from the OSU Medicine program in January 2008 by a physical therapist who gladly discussed her knowledge of physical therapy to suffice my inquisitive nature. I couldn't pass being involved in a field of medicine that allowed me the time to truly know and understand my clients as I hope I benefit their lives as they benefit mine," said Josh.

Josh truly enjoyed his education and is now excited to begin this work in earnest. He is actively involved with the Oklahoma Physical Therapy Association to advocate for the rights of his clients and therapists and has gained invaluable mentors through the association. Josh is excited to continue his education throughout the next many years and has a passion for teaching.

Brady Hargis, PT, DPT

I was born and raised on the great plains of Western Oklahoma and graduated high school in Elk City, Oklahoma. I completed my undergraduate degree in Biology at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford, Oklahoma in 2010. In May 2013 I graduated with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University Of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center on the Tulsa campus. I have been a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Oklahoma Physical Therapy Association since 2010. My passion for delivering superior patient care to patients with orthopedic issues drew me to work at Redbud.

In addition to continued learning and practice in the field of physical therapy, I enjoy being active through biking, hiking, and bouldering as well as reading and yoga. I am a newlywed and blessed to be married to the most beautiful, gracious, and intelligent woman who always makes sure my tummy is full. We live in Tulsa with her cat.

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