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A system of ADA compliant employment tests designed to prevent injuries, control injury related costs and combat fraudulent claims.

Functional Capacity Evaluation Functional Capacity Evaluation

A set of tests, practices, and observations that are combined to determine the ability of the evaluated to function a variety of circumstances, most often employment, in an objective manner.

Pre & Post Screening Pre & Post Screening

This test is administered to determine whether or not a job candidate can safely perform the essential functions of the position he or she has been offered. This test is administered before or after an official offer of employment has been made, but before the candidate officially begins work in the capacity of his or her new position.

Ergonomic Assessment Ergonomic Assessment

Assessment of work or home areas to help decrease the risk of repetitive strain injuries caused by improper workplace set up and/or ill fitted workstation equipment. This allows individuals to have increased comfort and productivity in their workspace.

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