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Very happy with the care and treatment I received here. It was very thorough and consistent. My therapist was professional and encouraging. Thanks!
KH Downtwon
My therapist went to great lengths to explain exercises to strengthen my entire knee and leg to help my recovery process. He was so sweet and didn’t mind my questions. He was very courteous in his answers.
GM Owasso
This has been the best experience I have ever had at a therapy clinic. Thank you! JM Owasso
JM Owasso
I enjoyed everyone in the office and clinic – very friendly and encouraging! I feel my recovery is due to my physical therapy here at Redbud! Thanks for all you do to help people recover and return to a normal lifestyle! PG Owasso
PG Owasso
My therapist encouraged me through the entire process and even though I became a little discouraged when I realized about half-way through, that it was going to take longer than I thought, he assured me that I was making progress and not to rush it. I appreciated the kind and compassionate consideration shown me along with the knowledgeable and professional treatment. CF Owasso
CF Owasso
Outstanding experience and much, much better than previous therapies received at other places! AP Owasso
AP Owasso
I thought my care was individualized and my therapist spent time working with me to do the exercises correctly. Over time, I was able to reach and use my left shoulder without pain or having to think about pain at all. DC Owasso
DC Owasso
The staff at Redbud are excellent and very professional. I look forward to coming in, not just for the therapy, but for the association and communication. I am blessed to have such a resource to come to. Thank you! God bless! – KK Pryor
KK Pryor
I really enjoyed the therapy and feel that it has helped me receive more than past therapies at other clinics. The staff at Redbud was great to work with. They did a great job of accommodating my schedule. – MD Pryor
MD Pryor
I had heard negative thoughts about therapy in general but as I experienced it for myself, I realized how beneficial it is to use these professionals and facilities. I gained a lot of knowledge about my rehab. Thanks! – SH Pryor
SH Pryor
I never thought physical therapy would be an enjoyable experience, but it has been. Thanks for everything guys! – NM Pryor
NM Pryor
I don’t believe it could have been more effective! – SW Sand Springs
SW Sand Springs
This is my second experience with Redbud and both have been very satisfying. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! – ES Sand Springs
ES Sand Springs
My experience at Redbud was great! – JL Sapulpa
JL Sapulpa
I could not have been at all more pleased. Very fine young people. I would tell anyone about your place and how pleased I am. – JG Sapulpa
JG Sapulpa
I’ve never experienced physical therapy before and the sessions at Redbud were very productive, enjoyable and something I looked forward to. Thank you. I feel better and I can help myself because of the training my therapists provided. When I had the follow up appointment with my doctor, I mentioned how Redbud made me feel comfortable and cared for. – AP Sapulpa
AP Sapulpa
Everyone was very polite and helpful. I was glad to be there and the help that was given to me. – JC Midtown Tulsa
JC Midtown Tulsa
I am so grateful to Redbud. After therapy at another place, I realize now that I would not be so far along if I hadn’t changed to Redbud. Thank you so much. Everyone who worked at Redbud helped me in one way or another. – TM Midtown Tulsa
TM Midtown Tulsa
The staff was a pleasure to work with! – KL Wagoner
KL Wagoner
My therapist listened to my concerns and worked to make my knee and hamstrings stronger. Not only did my knee and leg get stronger, but she helped me get my confidence in knowing I could get better which I have. My only regret is to stop the momentum I have been gaining. My therapist is knowledgeable and caring and pushes you to be stronger. She also evaluates your strengths and if I had been stiff in my joints, she knew what to do to get me realigned. The front office greets you with enthusiastic smiles. This is very efficient! The facility is excellent! Can’t say enough about Redbud except I want to come back and I will most certainly recommend Redbud! Thank you for sending me to this fine staff! – MM Wagoner
MM Wagoner
Very enjoyable and very patient as to my many questions. I would recommend to anyone and will! Thanks for your help! – BL Wagoner
BL Wagoner
I have been to two different places for physical therapy and it felt like they didn’t care or pay attention to what I would say. Here at Redbud, my therapist has been wonderful. She really does care about me getting better and that is so wonderful. The receptionist is also very positive and happy. She really cheers you up when you come in the door. – LA Wagoner
LA Wagoner
When I first came in, I doubted if they would be able to help my back that much, but to my surprise the therapy really did help. They were really helpful. – BV Wagoner
BV Wagoner
My therapist took the time on an individual basis. She talked with me about my pain and problems. She was very personable and professional. She was great. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. The receptionist was also great in setting up my appointment and taking care to send any paperwork to my doctor. The staff was very pleasant and fun to talk to and would joke around with me which was good to have fun people to work with when you are in pain. I would recommend this office and staff to anyone who needs therapy. Thanks girls! – KS Wagoner
KS Wagoner
I’ve been to several PT facilities and this one, by far, was the best. I have recommended Redbud to everyone. – JJ Wagoner
JJ Wagoner
The staff is always friendly and goes out of the way to help. The therapists take the time they feel I need and they don’t push me to get out the door. I feel welcome every time I come in. The therapists are very knowledgeable and courteous to pain levels. I will definitely return upon necessity and fell my recovery will be better than if I were to visit another facility. – HT Wagoner
HT Wagoner

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